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Terms of use

Acceptance of terms of use
Warranties for use of this website are regulated by this document. By accessing and using the website, you accept the given terms of use.

All personal information given to Kontali Analyse AS will be used only in order to enable us to provide you with information about products and services you have shown interest for.

Kontali Analyse AS will be monitoring the network traffic because of security reasons and to guarantee all users admission to this website. By accessing this website, you accept such monitoring activities.

It is not allowed to change any information saved in this system. Legal steps will be taken in case of misusing the website and the information provided through this website.

Kontali Analyse AS claims ownership of all content on the website of Kontali Analyse AS unless otherwise stated.

All rights reserved. No parts of this website may be reproduced in any form, sent or copied without written permission from Kontali Analyse AS. However, published information may be downloaded for free use.

Content provided via links
You my find links to other internet sites or resources on the website, which are produced and maintained by other private or public companies and organisations. Kontali Analyse AS is not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for the content on these internet-sites. Kontali Analyse AS cannot guarantee that such linked information is correct or complete.

Disclaimer of liability
Kontali Analyse AS is aiming to provide as correct and complete information as possible but cannot guarantee for any misleading or wrong information.  We will not guarantee for accurate or complete information and disclaim any responsibility for mistakes or omissions of any kind on this website.

Kontali Analyse AS reserves the right to change these terms of use without warning.

Please inform us about wrong or misleading information on our website by email: mail@kontali.no.

© Kontali Analyse AS, terms of use


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