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Helping you understand seafood since 1987

Kontali is an independent world-leading provider of data and analyses covering large parts of global aquaculture and fisheries. Our mission is to always have the deepest understanding of this realm and the species within it, the connections between them and to share our knowledge of seafood to create a more balanced world above and below the surface.

We strive to understand our customers’ needs, to provide relevant and correct insights, and to deliver the best possible foundation for decision-makers in all parts of the seafood value chain. We do this by applying our experience discreetly, accurately and intelligently. We meet our customers with a friendly demeanour and work in both a flexible and systematic manner.


Early in November each year, Monaqua, in collaboration with Kontali, hosts "Produktivitetskonferansen" in Kristiansund, Norway. This is a conference for competence raising and networking within the aquaculture sector. This year’s conference will take place from November 5th-6th, with the theme “Minner om fremtiden”.

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Our history

The very beginning

Kontali was founded in Kristiansund, Norway, as a consultancy for the Norwegian fish farming industry in 1987. We started collecting production data, establishing the first production simulation models and developing the salmon database.

Expanding focus

In 1992, the first regular publication “Monthly salmon report” was released. Throughout the 90’s we increased our focus on industry structures and industry analyses, and by 2002 the databases and operations also included other farmed marine species and pelagic fisheries.

A global contributor

Kontali has always been involved in international cases and collaborations. It all started in 1990 when we assisted the Norwegian salmon farming industry in American and European anti-dumping investigations. Over the years we have also contributed with data, analyses and market intelligence in merger investigations in the European Commission. For the last decade, we have been a central contributor in large EU-projects such as EUMOFA and Horizon 2020.

Growing our client base

Kontali has become a trusted provider of independent and objective information to the seafood industry. We are favoured by a growing client base from all corners of the world to analyse, interpret and understand their challenges in different areas of the industry.