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Global feed sales down -9% in December for both Europe and Americas.

Results from tri-annual biomass stock audit show +0,5 % for Atlantic salmon, and record high stocking of 2023G in Q4 2023. The global harvest outlook remains very limited until H2 2024.

Having last year in the rearview perspective, from the productive and production angle, there is no doubt that 2023 was a "challenging" year of farmed salmon.

December 2023 is confirmed showing the lowest global feed sales (300' tonnes, -9% Y/Y) in 5 years. The decline is seen both in Europe (-9%) and Americas (-9%). Est. global standing biomass of Atlantic salmon shows only a marginal +1% growth per 31.12.2023 – in terms of number of fish, there is a surplus of +4m of the 22G and +13m of the 23G but where average standing weights are lower compared to a year ago.

When it comes to our stock audit and the Norwegian biomass status of Atlantic salmon per end of December 2023, this shows only a marginal growth of +0,5%. The findings are further showing that the standing weights for all fish-groups are down (-4%) compared to last year, while the number of autumn-smolt in Norway, are higher both our anticipation and well above 2022.

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