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We publish a wide range of weekly, monthly and yearly reports and updates. The weekly and monthly publications are available through our subscription service. For inquiries or to order publications, please contact us.

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Weekly publications

  • Aquaculture Bulletin

  • Weekly Salmon Outlook

  • Weekly Salmon Update

  • Weekly Aquaculture Update

  • Weekly Groundfish Update

  • Weekly Pelagic Update

Monthly publications

  • Monthly Salmon Report

  • Monthly Cod Report

  • Monthly Groundfish Report

  • Monthly Pelagic Report

  • Monthly Seabass and Seabream Report

  • Chilean Export Reports

  • South American Fishmeal and Fish Oil Report

  • Biomass Update Norway

  • Biomass Update Europe and Americas

Yearly publications

  • Salmon World

  • Salmon Market Analysis

  • Salmon Farming Industry in Norway

  • Norwegian Aquaculture Suppliers