Salmon world 

The report provides the reader with an overview of the global salmon market and offers valuable information covering the foregoing year. With this report, you will get information about global trends regarding both farmed and wild salmonids. 

The report covers production, catch, demand, trade and prices of the different salmonid species. For the salmon producing countries, we present key figures with commentaries covering the most significant trends that have emerged during this period. The report also addresses supply data to the key salmon markets. 

There is also a ranking of the largest global salmon-farming companies, ranked by harvest quantity in the previous years. In addition, you get a valuation estimate on the aquaculture sector in Norway and Chile, segmented throughout the value chain. 

Background figures are available as an additional product to the report (“Salmon world figures”).

Salmon market analysis 

The report provides a detailed overview of the latest trends in the trade of salmonid products to all relevant markets around the world. The list of countries include all continents except for Africa and contained 33 markets in the 2018-edition. 

Each market is commented with the recent year’s macroeconomic and supply development, highlighting the most important events and trends affecting salmonid supply. The analyses contains long term supply trends for both farmed and wild Atlantic and Pacific salmon, covering fresh, frozen and value-added products. In addition, price trends and market value estimates are included. For some markets, the annual consumption of salmon is estimated. 

Background figures are available as an additional product to the report (“Salmon market figures”)

Salmon farming industry in Norway 

This annual benchmark report is based on the financial accounts of companies in the Norwegian salmon farming industry. It is one of our most sought-after reports, giving a thorough overview of the Norwegian salmon-farming companies. This report enables the reader to get a better understanding of each company’s performance and development, both compared to previous year’s and against industry competitors. 

The report contains key production figures for the industry with useful commentaries explaining last year’s development for companies and the whole industry Important production variables such as harvest quantity, harvest weights and other biological issues are presented on a macro level. 

Each of the companies are analysed based on fiscal performance with focus on important performance indicators such as net sales, EBIT margins and EBIT/kg as well as company structure annotations. The Salmon Farming Industry in Norway contains other elements as well, including costs, capex, harvest volumes and MAB utilization per company. Finally, there are separate segments covering Norwegian smolt producers and exporters. 

Background figures are available as an additional product to the report (“Salmon farming industry figures”)

Norwegian aquaculture suppliers 

Norwegian Aquaculture Suppliers is based on the financial statements of the Norwegian suppliers to the salmon-farming industry. The report highlights trends in the supplier markets through analyses of key financial metrics to understand the position and financial development of the players within different segments, inter alia, broodstock breeding and genetics, workboat operators, feed producers, fish health services and packaging. 

Unlike the salmon farming industry, which is dominated by a few major players, several important supplier segments are characterised by a fragmented structure. This report gives you a complete overview. 

Each of the companies presented is analysed according to fiscal performance and with company structure annotations. These sections focus on important performance indicators, such as net sales and EBIT margins. This report enables the reader to get a better understanding of the aquaculture supply industry’s development, both compared to previous year’s and across segments. 

Background figures are available as an additional product to the report (“Norwegian aquaculture suppliers figures”).

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