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Kontali Monthly Cod Report

The report aims is to give the reader valuable, reliable and neutral information on supply and market development of cod. From being a report exclusively focusing of fresh Atlantic cod the Kontali Monthly Cod Report has been extended to also include the more complex trade flow  bounded up to frozen cod - both Atlantic and Pacific.
More focus of frozen cod involve a change in the market focus. Frozen cod is included in the EU-market, but we have also to take China into consideration, both as a processor and an exporter of cod. USA is included as a separate section.

 Report content:

  • Catches of cod from commercial fisheries
  • Supply from the most important catching countries, including both fresh and frozen products
  • Supply from aquaculture
  • Market development,  including first-hand prices, export prices, wholesale prices and supermarket prices
  • Monthly supplies of fresh and frozen cod products to the EU
  • The trade flow from China
  • Appendices 
    -historical trends in catch and harvest of    Atlantic and Pacific cod 
    -Export overview 
    -Exchange rates 
    -Trade flow

The comments in the report are supported by graphs and tables.

The report is approx. 50 pages long (including appendixes) and is available both electronically and as hard copy.

The report is only available in English.

For more information on the report or subscription cost, please contact:

Magnus Stoud Myhre


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