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About Kontali

Your global reference for seafood insight

About us

A global reference on aquaculture and seafood

At Kontali, we navigate the vast seas of aquaculture and fisheries with an independent perspective. Through diligent research, we delve deep into the nuances of seafood, offering data-driven insights to illuminate the industry and foster better decision-making for all.

What drives us

We work hard to understand what our customers need and provide them with useful and accurate information. We aim to be the best support for decision-makers in the seafood industry. We do this by using our experience wisely, being accurate, and working in a friendly and organized way.

Our vision for the future

Our vision is simple: we want to see aquaculture and fisheries thrive, providing food for more people while taking care of our oceans. Kontali is committed to making this happen by always learning, researching, and sharing our knowledge.

Our Promise

We understand the challenges you face in the seafood industry. That's why we're not just a source of data; we're your partner on this journey. We're here to provide the support and insights you need to succeed. Our dedicated team of experts is at your service, ready to answer your questions and provide guidance. We believe that by working together, we can create a more sustainable and prosperous future for the seafood industry.

Our history

Helping you understand seafood since 1987

The very beginning

Kontali embarked on its journey in 1987 in the coastal city of Kristiansund, Norway. Our founders envisioned providing consultancy services tailored to the burgeoning Norwegian fish farming industry.

In these foundational years, we set the stage for our future success. Our focus was unambiguous: gather production data, pioneer the development of production simulation models, and lay the groundwork for our now-renowned salmon database.

A global contributor

Right from its infancy, Kontali harboured a global perspective. In 1990, we ventured onto the international scene, aiding the Norwegian salmon farming industry in American and European anti-dumping investigations. This endeavour signalled the onset of our participation in international collaborations and cases.

Over time, we offered our indispensable data, analyses, and market intelligence to merger investigations spearheaded by the European Commission. The past decade witnessed us taking pivotal roles in landmark EU projects like EUMOFA and Horizon 2020. Our global presence was indelibly marked.

Expanding our business

By 1992, we were poised to share our insights globally. The debut of our inaugural publication, the "Monthly Salmon Report," was a defining moment. This report did more than just disseminate essential data; it signified our deepening commitment to the industry.

Throughout the 90s, our zeal for understanding industry structures and executing thorough industry analyses intensified. By 2002, our databases and operations had broadened to include not just salmon, but also other farmed marine species and pelagic fisheries. Our reach and influence were burgeoning.

Growth and evolution

Kontali's unwavering commitment to delivering independent and unbiased information to the seafood industry has borne fruit. Our stature as a reliable source of insights and analysis has flourished.

Clients worldwide now lean on Kontali for assistance in deciphering and navigating the intricacies and challenges endemic to the seafood industry. Our clientele continues to burgeon, testament to the profound trust the industry reposes in us.

The future

As we cast our eyes forward, Kontali pledges to honour this illustrious history. Our mission is unaltered: to remain at the vanguard of understanding the seafood industry while championing growth and sustainability.

Equipped with decades of experience, proprietary data, and a global purview, we are primed to confront the challenges and seize the opportunities the future holds. Here's to the ensuing chapter in Kontali's saga, one teeming with innovation, dissemination of knowledge, and sustained excellence

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