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The sea covers more than 70% of the earth's surface and is an important source of industry, transport and leisure. There are millions of resources, data and information about seafood that is waiting to be discovered, analysed and brought to life.

We are leading the way in the systemization of these resources.

Our services

Analyses and investigations

Kontali Analyse AS offers analyses by extensive research, customized for our clients ranging from market stakeholders to financial markets and the public sector. In addition to salmonids, we closely follow developments in the whole value chain concerning pelagic fish, farmed marine species, whitefish and shellfish.

Presentations, workshops and seminars

We arrange, carry out and participate in workshops with our clients. We can also give presentations or tailor-made video conferences, using our extensive experience and contact network.

Data supply and benchmarking

We provide customized information about the global seafood industry such as price development and market trends. We organize and coordinate objective benchmarking systems, which facilitates a deeper knowledge of the market and a better foundation for decisions.

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