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Shrimp Production Update for 2023

Insights on Vannamei, Monodon and Muelleri

We have now updated the shrimp production data for Q4, giving our Kontali production estimates for 2023. Production of all shrimp rose to 9.7 million tonnes, of which 6.4 million tonnes were farmed, and 3.3 million tonnes came from fisheries. The shrimp produced in aquaculture saw an increase of 4.9% YoY, while the production from fisheries declined by 0.2%.


Even during a year in which global shrimp prices took a dive, impacting all players in the sector, Vannamei production saw an increase in volume in 2023, accounting for a high percentage of all shrimp production. The largest producer of Vannamei was Ecuador, followed by India and China. The growth in these countries was lower, compared to Ecuador. Asia remained the largest producing region for Vannamei, , by a small percentage. This increase is attributed to the growth in the two largest producing countries in the region, India and China, as mentioned before. However, other significant producers, like Vietnam, saw their production stagnate or even come down by a significant percentage in the case of Indonesia. Latin America was the second largest producing region; Ecuador is by far the largest contributor to the production volume in the region, with a high percentage of the total.

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