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Kontali Edge: Salmon insight at your fingertips

The Ultimate Salmon insights platform. Dive into the Salmon industry with Kontali Edge. The no 1 salmon business intelligence platform for data and insights on the salmon industry. Curious about production and market trends? We have you covered with data and insights on all major production regions and major markets.

Introducing Kontali Edge – your competitive edge

Edge is more than just a data platform – it's your go-to source for comprehensive salmon insights. Our team of dedicated analysts and data scientists meticulously piece together every bit of information, offering you the complete picture.

We simplify complex data, ensuring it's accessible and timely, empowering you with strategic decision-making tools.

With more than 40 years in the field, we at Kontali have reshaped seafood industry analytics. Our unique models provide you with comprehensive seafood data. Edge is the trusted source for making informed decisions in the ever-changing salmon industry.

Benchmark your fisheries against industry standards

Understanding the nuances of salmon distribution trends is essential in the fisheries sector. Kontali Edge provides you with a unique advantage, offering extensive data on global salmon distribution.

Access information such as global harvest volumes, YoY changes, stock biomass, and smolt releases. This enables you to benchmark your business against industry demand and maintain a leading position in the ever-evolving and competitive salmon industry.

One platform. Millions of data points

Kontali Edge is your shortcut to the salmon industry's complete overview. Find insights that are exclusive to us, saving you time and effort in data collection and analysis. Our data is distinct, stemming from our carefully curated models, trusted sources, and the strong ability of our analyst team.

It is more than just correct; it supplies a depth of insight unparalleled elsewhere. Whether you are seasoned in the field or in the planning phase of an entirely new venture, Edge offers a clear view of the entire salmon industry landscape, saving you time and resources.

Get a competitive advantage with market forecasting

Staying ahead in business is crucial. We give you future insights on salmon trends from 3 to 18 months.

This lets you plan for market changes, make smart strategies, and use your resources wisely. You'll have details on salmonids harvest amounts, sales by area and product type, and even market supply and import stats. Stay one step ahead with Kontali Edge.

Track price shifts and adjust your pricing strategy

Understanding pricing trends is important to succeeding in the seafood industry. Dive into our insights to navigate the market with confidence

Access data from both the Nasdaq and Fish Pool price indexes to track spot and contract market prices. We also provide data covering the major global wholesale markets. Our market price insights are continuously evolving, with more updates to come.

Stay updated with Kontali's expert knowledge

Explore our Analysis feature for independent insights. We bring you the latest insights, updates, research, commentaries, and breakthroughs in the salmon industry. Few know the industry as well as our analysts do.

We cover all angles – from market changes to new developments in biology, production, sustainability, and regulations. With Kontali, you're always one step ahead, ready to make the best choices.

Tailored subscription plans

We recognize the diverse needs of our users. Our subscription plans are thoughtfully curated to cater to everyone operating within the salmon markets and industry. With Kontali Edge, every user finds a tailored path to success.

Elevate your seafood strategy today

With Kontali Edge, you're not just using a platform, you're teaming up with industry leaders. Get unmatched insights and sharpen your edge in the dynamic world of salmonids.

Sign up for a free trial today to access our leading salmon insights.

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